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Principal Investigators and Directors

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Co-Principal Investigators & Directors

Co-Principal Investigator and Leader of Project 1
Department of Neurological Surgery and Anatomy
Neill H. and Linda S. Brownstein Endowed Chair in Brain Tumor Research
Principal Investigator, Brain Tumor Research Center
Faculty Member, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program
Departments of Surgery, Anatomy, and Bioengineering & Therapeutics Sciences
Director, Center for Bioengineering & Tissue Regeneration
Co-Director, Bay Area PSOC
Co-Director, UCSF Brain TMEN Program


Project Principal Investigators

Investigator and Co-Leader of Project 2

Professor, Department of Neurology, Pediatrics and Neurosurgery

Investigator, Leader of Quantitative Core
Division of General Surgery
Associate Specialist, Center for Bioengineering and Tissue Regeneration
Investigator, Co-Leader of Imaging and Tissue Procurement Core
Associate Professor, Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, UCSF
Member, UCSF Joint Graduate Group in Bioengineering
Member, Helen Diller Cancer Center
Assoc. Member, UCSF Brain Tumor Research Center
Co-Leader of Project 2
Assistant Adjunct Professor, Department of Neurology
Co-Leader of Imaging and Tissue Procurement Core
Co-Director of the Brain Tumor Research Center Tissue Bank
Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery and Pathology